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‘The quality of the communication is determining the quality of man and organization…’

Successful entrepreneurism is much more comprehensive than being able to present positive returns.  For long-term success it’s necessary that signals from society are translated adequately in facilitation and products that fulfill a need on the market.

The communication in an organization is a field in which work a lot of people.  The directors, the personnel managers, middle managers and in fact every employee is a link in the communication.  The quality of this determines the effectuality of the ‘human’ capital.

Differently put, if the meetings in a company are done efficiently, the agreements are clear, the feedback on the functioning of the employees is rational and friendly, it will be so that the company culture will enhance and stimulate the professional capability and the commitment of the personnel.

Truly one can state that in modern business management communication is crucially important.

Joey Arends has worked for years in education and in organisations.  She has regularly worked as a guest teacher in polytechnics nationally and internationally.  In her trainings she helps people to get insight in their specific communication patterns.  She also helps people to find out what can make their communication more effective. The trainings will be tailor-made in accordance with the needs and possibilities of the organisation.

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