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‘Every person is as effective as their communication’

Every company know them.  The capable people, the professionals, the loyal employees, who do achieve quite well, but for whom the outcomes of their work are not in accordance with their talents.  Some examples:

  • The top manager, a terrific economist, a keen negotiator, highly reputed within the company and outside. However, in contacts with people on the lower levels of the company he feels shy and insecure.  He feels that he operates from an ivory tower.  According to his company philosophy this is not a good thing to happen.
  • The middle manager.  A successful woman who is cherished by her juniors and rightly so!  the thing is that she unexplainably gets into troubles with the top people in the company.  She doesn’t know what causes it.  A difference in vision?  Authority conflicts?  A woman at a high position in a male domineered culture?
  • The floor manager.  A typical self-made man.  The results of his department are fine, but there is something wrong with the atmosphere at the floor.  The manager cannot limit his tasks and somehow he cannot delegate.  He is doing too much and a possible burn-out is lurking.

The people in these examples have at least one thing in common: their communication could be more effective.

By coaching these people could improve their communication skills and they can learn how to utilize their talents optimally.  professionalism comes first in coaching.  Questions of a personal, social or spiritual nature are welcome in the process as well.

The coachee and the coach will determine how the coaching process will be to make sure that the coaching will be tailor-made.

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